August 25, 2017


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive with my commission?

You will receive a high resolution digital version of your art (PNG/JPG) as well as a physical copy printed on archival KromaKote paper and packaged in an archival quality art sleeve.

Where do you print your art and/or can I print it at home?

All of my art is crafted in my home studio and printed locally at Amelia Island Graphics.  I take great care in working with my local print shop to guarantee your art is free of roller marks, color bleeding, and streaking.  I have also gone to great lengths to ensure that the art retains its vibrancy and luster by calibrating my art programs to synchronize well with the local print shop’s offset printer and by using archival quality products.  

You are, of course, welcome to print the finished art from your own printer.  However, I cannot guarantee that it will be of comparable quality to what you will receive from me directly.

I do ask that you please not print my art with the intent of distributing and/or selling it.  Commissioning me for one piece of art does not permit you to resell my work.

If you would like to purchase additional prints of your art, I am glad to do this at a discounted rate.

How do you keep the art from bending during shipping/transport?

All of my art is shipped flat or rolled into a medium-size flat rate box.  The art is reinforced by cardboard to prevent bending.  I have never received a complaint that the art arrived damaged due to poor packaging or poor handling.

What sizes are available?

The most common sizes are 11×17, 11×14, 5×7, and 4×6.  These are all standard frame sizes.

Anything larger will incur additional costs and time.

I can work in landscape or portrait view but need to be told ahead of time if that matters.  I typically work in portrait on 11 x 17 unless otherwise requested.

How do I pay for the thing?

All payments can be made to via paypal.  
I also accept money orders, but not checks.

How does the down payment and final payment work?

There is a nonrefundable down payment required before any work is started.  This should be sent via paypal to  

The 25% deposit will count toward your final payment which is due within one week of receiving the watermarked final version of your commission.

IE – if your commission costs $100, then the down payment would be $25 with $75 due upon completion.

Are these your rates for conventions?

No.  Due to limited time and high demand, convention prices fluctuate depending on the size of the convention, what day it is, and how many commissions I currently have.

Do you take commissions for non-digital art?

Yes.  My roots are actually in traditional mediums such as graphite, color pencil, and ink.  Below is a list of traditional art that I offer.  Prices are flat and include shipping and full color/ink.

  • Sketch Cards:  $25  (thin)
  • Illustration Board Cards:  $30  (thick)
  • 8.5 x 11″ 1 Character
    • Bust: $85
    • Half Body:  $120
    • Full Body: $180
    • Additional characters: $50 each (no more than 4 per picture)
  • Claybord (perfect for vibrant illustrations of animals and plants as well as stippling (lots of tiny dots!) )
    • Small Flat/Boxed:  $100/$125 (up to 8×8″)
    • Medium Flat/Boxed: $150/$175 (up to 12×12″)
    • Large Flat/Boxed: Let’s talk about it!  Shipping can get very costly.
  • Variant Covers:  Let’s talk about it!  
  • Comic Books:  Let’s talk about it!

What are Add Ons?

Anything that isn’t the character you requested and their weapon, clothing, and a minimalist/ambient background.  This can include any of the following:

  • Buildings
  • Complex furniture
  • Animals
  • Crowds
  • Pokemon
  • Additional characters

How much do additional characters cost?

Additional characters (whether they are humanoid, anthro, ghosts, animals, or Pokemon/companions) are $40 each.

Please keep in mind that, the more characters you add to your piece, the smaller each of them become which will reduce the amount of detail included.  As a rule of thumb, for an 11×17″, I try not to include more than four characters.

How long will the Holiday Sale last?

I have very limited space available for commissions for the holiday season.  All Holiday Sale commissions are guaranteed to be received before Christmas or within 2 weeks of completion, whichever is sooner.  Once slots are filled, I will not be opening commissions until they are completed and the sale will end.

How can I get additional discounts?

If you commission me for a digital illustration of a popular character from one of the series on the promotional list, give me free reign to draw that character however I see fit, and allow me to sell the finished print at my booth and online, I may offer a steep discount, depending on size and character requested.