February 12, 2012



Thank you to everyone who comes to my booth at conventions!  It’s a lot of fun meeting so many new people each time and wonderful seeing so many of you time and time again.

Next Appearance:    

I’m proud to announce that I will be a guest at the Daytona Beach Comic Con held on April 23, 2017!  Aside from Free Comic Book Day at Coliseum of Comics Kissimmee, this is my only planned appearance in the Central Florida area for 2017.  I hope to see you there!

April 23:  Daytona Beach Comic Con (Daytona, Florida)

May 6: Free Comic Book Day at Coliseum of Comics (Kissimmee location) (Orlando, Florida)

May 25-28: MomoCon (Atlanta, GA)

June 8-11: A-Kon (Ft. Worth, Texas)

November 17-19: Big Fandom Greenville (Greenville, South Carolina)



MoMoCon Panels!

How To Draw Manga:  An hour and a half hands on crash course on how to draw your own Manga with someone who does it for a living!  MomoCon’s even providing some supplies for us! 🙂

How to Self-Publish Your Comic Book or Manga:  A quick crash course specifically focused on the ins and outs of getting your ideas out of your head, onto paper, and into a printed format, all on a deadline and a tight budget!  Extensive Q&A session.  This panel will be very focused on what your needs are.

Artist Alley: Behind the Table:  A down and dirty, no holds barred look at what it takes to have a table at a convention.  Big Q&A session to follow run down.  Come loaded with questions and get them answered from someone who’s been doing alleys for nearly a decade!


At many conventions, I also host a “how to make graphic novels and manga” panel.  It’s about… exactly what it sounds like!  I provide an overview of what I do as an illustrator, writer, and indie published graphic novelist for about 15 minutes and then I answer questions from the audience.  It’s a lot of fun!  We usually end up laughing about the struggles indie graphic novelists encounter when working with their printer and about how to bring ideas from your head out onto the paper.  I also answer questions about my original series Game Over and talk a little about stuff to come.  If you’re attending one of the conventions where I’m hosting this panel, I hope you’ll come and have fun with me!

If you’re running a convention, I’d love to participate!  Please contact me at jade(at)bentostudios.com for booking information.