October 4, 2014


Special Events / Monthly Calendar

I maintain a monthly calendar for my streams, commissions, and convention appearances.  Check it out here!

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Streaming Schedule


Jojo Nights

Tuesdays:  Jojo’s Nights!

All Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure from 9:30 p.m. EST until late.  Come hang out with other Jojo’s fans or find out what the hype is all about while I draw Jojo characters live!

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Jade Draws Chat NightsThursdays: Anything Goes!

Thursdays are a mix of fan art, original art, and sometimes Jade Draws Chat nights, when donations reach a new level.  I draw everything from Dragonball Z to Disney villains.  Stream starts at 9:30 p.m. EST and runs late.  Check my events calendar for specific characters, dates, and times as well as Jade Draws Chat nights.

Sundays: Original Content

On Sunday nights, I stream live while I work on some of my original projects, characters, and books.  Starts at 9:30 p.m. EST.

Monday Madness: Anything Goes!

Drawing popular characters from series like My Hero Academia, One Piece, and more.  Starts at 1:00 p.m. EST and runs late.


Streaming Links:

Twitch:  http://www.twitch.tv/bentostudios



webcam-toy-photo97Become a Patron and get extra, free stuff.  Perks include free prints, free books, special treatment on Twitch streams, mentions on YouTube, and more!  For as little as $1 per month, you get access to everything I make before it hits the rest of the internet.

By supporting me on Patreon, you help me create more and better content for you and other fans like you.  Thanks to Patrons, I’ve been able to upgrade my audio and stream quality with new equipment, making Twitch broadcasts even better, clearer, and more fun.  I’ve also been able to book booths at conventions to meet more fans in person.  I sincerely appreciate every donation and look forward to producing things that you can enjoy and have as thanks.




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Check out my YouTube channel for speed drawing videos, vlogs, and more.  I even have some oldie moldy AMVs there.  Here’s one of the most recent videos!

13323698_1615675208760251_8269920597976020061_oJoin Me At Conventions

I attend a lot of conventions in the Southeastern United States.  I’d love to see you at one of them!  Check out my Appearances page for my appearance schedule and stop by to say hello and pick up some art, attend one of my many panels, or just chill.



Like, Tweet, Pin, and Post with me!

I’m on several social media sites and I use each one for something different than the rest.

Facebook:  Status updates, progress pictures of art, finished art, surveys, other fun stuff.  I use Facebook the most.  I regularly check my messages and reply as soon as I can.

Twitter:  Status updates and retweets.  Not a fan of Twitter, to be honest.

Pinterest:  I like to pin creative ideas that I find on the internet to help me organize my supplies, massive anime collection, and home.  I also pin good art supplies, clothing, references, etc. Most of the time, I’m pinning cute pictures of animals – especially otters!

Tumblr:  I mainly use this for pictures from my every day life and at the convention.  I have pictures of my booth and cosplayers here as well.  It’s updated usually on the weekends and during conventions.

DeviantArt:  I upload my finished art in batches and use this site to keep in touch with some of the people I’ve met at conventions.  I check my messages here a couple times a week but am slow updating new art.