February 23, 2015

Game Over





Meet Tristan: part-time student, full-time gamer.  Tristan wishes that he could play video games instead of taking tests in school.  Who wouldn’t, right?  One day, his wish is mysteriously granted.  Every time he takes a test thereafter, he zonks out in the middle of class.  Everyone else sees him sleeping but he’s been virtually transported to a video game realm.  If he beats the game, he passes the test!

While “gaming” his tests, Tristan makes some new friends, Mr. Adventure and CoCo, who join his party – sometimes.  All the while, Console guides Tristan and provides him valuable information even though he’s dealing with glitches on his side of the game worlds.  Back in the real world, Tristan’s best friend, Kyoko, is already concerned about Tristan’s academic slacking and has grown even more worried that he’s now sleeping through his courses.  Determined to help him, she begins asserting herself, dragging her friend and admirer Sage unwillingly into the mix.

Game Over is a fast-paced action-adventure romp packed with plenty of parody, comedy, and pinch of romance.


Meet The Colorful Cast

Tristan: Just your average gamer trying to get by in the real world.

Console: Tristan’s guide through the Video Game Realm. Not much is known about Console, but he always seems to act in Tristan’s best interest: guiding him from level to level, providing him valuable information, and helping him make decisions. Console claims that he granted Tristan’s wish.

Mr. Adventure: Strong, noble, gallant, and honest to a fault. He’s always in search of dragons and adventure. His weapon is the Bro-Sword. While his brawn and courage make him a valuable in the game world, his obsession with dragons causes plenty of problems along the way.

CoCo: A sexy, bubbly girl in the game world. She used to strongly resemble Kyoko, but her appearance seems to change a little with each game world, much like Tristan’s. CoCo comes off as ditsy, but occasionally she shows that she’s got a few tricks up her sleeves.

Kyoko: A fashionable, out-going girl who has no problem getting high marks in all of her classes. She spends a lot of time trying to convince Tristan to take his work seriously. Her genuine concern for his well-being causes her more frustration than it might be worth.

Sage: An outgoing, attractive student at Tristan’s school. Sage is the star striker and captain of the soccer team. He also participates on the basketball and track teams. He’s smart, charismatic, athletic, and cares about Kyoko. He’s not crazy about Tristan’s attitude toward his studies or Kyoko’s interest in him.

Toki-One: An energetic announcer for the Critter Companions game world. Toki-One has a gigantic online fan base. In his spare time, he enjoys playing ToDA2 and researching Critter Companions. It’s his life dream to see a Black Hole in game.


Level Up with Game Over!

Game Over is a fictional action-adventure parody series written and illustrated by Jade Woodruff.  The first issue debuted at Megacon 2012 with the latest issue (Level Five) dropping at Megacon 2016.  Each book is between 55 to 65 pages, contains character bios, unique cover art and title pages, and even bonus art!  Interior art is black and white, printed on 60lb paper.  Cover art is on a 120lb glossy cardstock.  All books are perfect bound and signed.

Age: 10+ (there are a few boob jokes that may not be appropriate for young children)

Themes: Action, adventure, parody, comedy, video games, anime, coming of age