January 25, 2012


Game Over

Game Over is an action-adventure-parody graphic novel series written and illustrated by Jade Woodruff.

Meet Tristan: part-time student, full time gamer.  Lately, he’s having trouble keeping his grades up because he spends all of his time playing video games instead of studying.  Frustrated with the overwhelming pile of essays and impending exams, Tristan wishes he could just replace his school work with video games.  If he beats the game, then he passes the test.

His wish just came true.

Game Over: Level 1, Press Start To Play

Game Over: Level 2, Warp Zone

Game Over: Level 3, Prepare for Trouble

All books are available through the Bento Store or you can visit me at a variety of conventions.  Stop by my booth to get your copy and save a few bucks!
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