June 15, 2017


No Streams Sunday June 18 – 25th 

I’ll be somewhat taking time off during this week.  Conventions and commissions have kept me super busy and I really need some time to recuperate.  However, during this time, I will still be working on commissions privately.  It wouldn’t feel right to go on vacation without putting in some work on them.  Below is the schedule for what is getting done when.  They are organized by receipt and paid date.  For those to be shipped, expect them to leave my studio within 2 days of completion/payment (if final payment is still due).  Thank you, as always, for your patience.  

Commission Schedule

Family Portrait (Susie): Friday – Monday, June 16-19

Rei vs. Beta:  Tuesday – Wednesday, June 20-21

MLP: Thursday – Friday June 22-23

OC Commission: Saturday, June 24

Riku from KH: Monday, June 26 on stream (starting 11:30 a.m.)
Sora from KH to immediately follow.

FFXIV Sketch Card Commissions (Akon): Tuesday, June 27

Black Lagoon: Wednesday June 28 through Thursday June 29 (to be finished on stream)


Commissions are currently closed until this backlog is finished.  I will probably open them again in late July/August.