by Jade Woodruff



Commission Information

Whether you want your favorite character drawn in a specific pose or clothing, or you need a new social media icon, Jade’s available for all varieties of commissions. To place a commission request, please use the contact form linked at the top of the page or send an email to jade(at) Thank you!

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Commission Rates

Bust: $65
Half Body: $95
Full Body: $135

Summer Sale: Half Body for $80 / Full Body for $100!

All rates are for art 11x17” and smaller. If you are interested in oversized art, please let me know up front so that can be arranged.

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Shipping is $8 flat on all products shipped within the continental U.S via USPS. If you would like tracking, additional insurance, or to use another carrier, please let me know before final payment is made so the price can be adjusted.

Art is printed at CatPrint and takes approximately 1-2 weeks to arrive at my home office. I then sign and ship your products to you.

All art ships flat inside a sealed art sleeve, supported by two layers of thick cardboard on either side of the print.

If you are interested in International Shipping or expedited shipping, please let me know up front. Thank you.


What Sizes Are Available?

My standard art size is 11x17”. If you would like something smaller, please let me know and I will adjust the file output size. If you would like something larger, that comes at additional cost.

Standard frame sizes include: 4x6”, 5x7”, 8x12”, 11x14”, 11x17”. I recommend sticking to a standard frame size to keep your framing costs low.


How to pay

All deposits and final payments must be sent through PayPal to jade(at)

A nonrefundable 50% commission deposit is required before work is started. This deposit counts toward your final cost. IE - if your commission costs $100, your deposit would be $50, and your final payment would be $50. No work will be started without deposit.

Additional Information

Are these your rates for conventions?

No. Due to limited time and high demand, convention prices fluctuate depending on the size of the convention, what day it is, and how many commissions I currently have. I do not like to keep a backlog of more than 3 commissions at a time, across all conventions and online requests.

Do you take commissions for non-digital art?

Yes. My roots are actually in traditional media such as graphite, color pencil, and ink. Below is a list of traditional art that I offer. Prices are flat and include shipping and full color/ink.

  • Sketch Cards: $25

  • Illustration Board Cards: $30 (thick)

  • 8x12” 1 Character

    • Bust: $85

    • Half Body: $120

    • Full Body: $180

    • Additional characters: $50 each (no more than 4 per picture)

  • Claybord (perfect for vibrant illustrations of animals and plants as well as stippling)

    • Small Flat/Boxed: $100/$125 (up to 8x8”)

    • Medium Flat/Boxed: (12x12”)

    • Large Flat/Boxed: Let’s talk about it! Shipping can get very costly.

  • Variant Covers: Let’s talk about it!

  • Comic Books: Let’s talk about it!

What are Add Ons?

Anything that isn’t the character you requested and their weapon, clothing, and a minimalist/ambient background. This can include any of the following:

  • Buildings

  • Complex furniture

  • Animals

  • Crowds

  • Pokemon

  • Additional characters

How much do additional characters cost?

Additional characters (whether humanoid, anthro, ghosts, animals, or Pokemon/companions) are $40 each.

Please keep in mind that, the more characters you add to your piece, the smaller each of them become which will reduce the amount of detail. As a rule of thumb, for an 11x17” piece, I try not to include more than four characters.

How long do your sales last and will you have others?

Typically, I keep the discounted rates available until I have five commissions in my backlog. At that time, I stop taking deposits and will contact the interested parties again when I have cleared my backlog. This is to prevent you having to wait a long time wondering where your commission is.

Below are my sale seasons and anticipated open/close dates:

  • Valentine’s Special: Couples’ pictures for only $55 each! (Dec. 25 - Jan 20)

  • Con Season Kick Off Special: Full color sketch cards only $10 each! (Feb 1 - Mar 30)

  • Summer Sale: Discounts vary based on availability, typically $20 off. (June 1 - Aug. 31)

  • Inktober Special: Digital Ink Portraits for $30 (Oct. 1 - Oct 15)

  • Holiday Sale: Steep discounts, guaranteed delivery by Dec. 15, very limited (Nov. 1 - Nov. 20)

How can I get additional discounts?

If you commission me for a digital illustration of a popular character from one of the series on the promotional list, give me free reign to draw that character how I see fit, and allow me to sell the finished print at my booth and online, I may offer a steep discount depending on size and character requested.