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Game Over

An original graphic novel series packed with action, adventure, parody, and a touch of romance.

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about jade

I'm an artist, a wife, and a huge nerd.
A likely way to spend a fraction of an eon...

I started selling my art at Megacon 2008. Game Over, my original graphic novel series, debuted at Megacon 2012 after two years of being in production. It's a lot of hard work churning out books, but it's so worth it to hear from each of you what you think about the plot developments and characters. In 2014, I turned this into my full time gig thanks to countless supportive fans and my loving husband who has supported me through thick and thin. It's been a long crazy road full of a lot of crazy con stories, people, and late nights. I hope you'll join me on Twitch, Patreon, YouTube, and other social media so that I can share my stories and journey with you!

  • Otters

    Specifically Small Clawed Asian River Otters. They're amazing!

  • Anime

    What? Anime second? Only to otters.

  • DoTA2

    Mid or feed.

  • Zebra Cakes

    I eat the edges first.

Game Over

An original graphic novel series by Jade.
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Part time student, full time gamer
An introverted loner who spends the majority of his time video gaming rather than focusing on what he needs to do to graduate. Frustrated with always having to choose between homework and gaming, Tristan wishes that he could play games as his tests. His wish just came true.
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“Welcome back, Tristan!”
Tristan’s guide through the Video Game Realm. Not much is known about Console, but he always seems to act in Tristan’s best interest: guiding him from level to level, providing him valuable information, and helping him make decisions. Console claims that he granted Tristan’s wish.
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Mr. Adventure

Mr. Adventure is strong, noble, gallant, and honest to a fault. He’s always in search of dragons and adventure. His weapon is the Bro-Sword. While his brawn and courage make him a valuable in the game world, his obsession with dragons causes plenty of problems along the way.
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“Your princess must be in another castle…”
A sexy, bubbly girl in the game world. She used to strongly resemble Kyoko, but her appearance seems to change a little with each game world, much like Tristan’s. CoCo comes off as ditsy, but occasionally she shows that she’s got a few tricks up her sleeves.
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“Did you just sleep through class again?”
A fashionable, out-going girl who has no problem getting high marks in all of her classes. She spends a lot of time trying to convince Tristan to take his work seriously. Her genuine concern for his well-being causes her more frustration than it might be worth.
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An outgoing, attractive student at Tristan’s school. Sage is the star striker and captain of the soccer team. He also participates on the basketball and track teams. He’s smart, charismatic, athletic, and cares about Kyoko. He’s not crazy about Tristan’s attitude toward his studies or Kyoko’s interest in him.
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An energetic announcer for the Critter Companions game world. Toki-One has a gigantic online fan base. In his spare time, he enjoys playing ToDA2 and researching Critter Companions. It’s his life dream to see a Black Hole in game.

About Game Over

Beat the game, pass the test... it's that easy!

Tristan, part-time student and full-time gamer, wishes that he could play video games instead of taking tests in school.
Who wouldn't?
One day, his wish mysteriously comes true. Every test he takes thereafter, he zonks out in the middle of class.
Everyone else sees him sleeping, but he is virtually transported to a video game realm.
If he beats the game, he passes the test.

Game Over is a fun, fast-paced action-adventure comedy series with lots of video game and anime parody packed into it.
There's even a little romance.

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